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Filiz Adıgüzel

As the New Year closes in, BE Contemporary hosts “Angels’ Bliss” a solo exhibition by the academic and artist Filiz Adıgüzel who approaches miniature with unique, extraordinary techniques and a contemporary touch. The exhibition opens with a reception event on Saturday, December 17, 2022, at 18.00, and is open to visitors until Sunday, February 19, 2023.


Adıgüzel produces highly aesthetic works with her detailed and meticulous technique; whereas; with her material, stylistic preferences, and intuitive practice, she draws in "neo-miniature" - an international contemporary miniature art movement. Instead of the grand narratives that are the subject of classical miniatures, she inclines to engage with the inner world and personal expression. With each painting, she seems to suggest a land of fairy tales; reminding the healing and renewing power of imagination. 


Filiz Adıgüzel, who has been working on miniature art both artistically and academically for many years, dreams of a magical and hopeful realm that touches the audience’s hearts in her solo exhibition “Angels’ Bliss”. At the gates of a new year, BE Contemporary is proud to open up space for this joyful and embracive experience.

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