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Gülfem Kessler

BE Contemporary is pleased to present a solo show of new works by Gülfem Kessler. This is Kessler’s first solo show with the gallery. The opening event takes place on October 8, 2022 at 6 pm and the show runs until November 22, 2022.


Gülfem Kessler’s “Esse et Non Esse” reflects on the sharp distinction and wholesome togetherness of “existence” and “non-existence” through various aspects of these concepts. An original text by Bahar Erkum, a writer and good friend to Kessler, accompanies “Esse et Non Esse”. It brings a new layer to the exhibition as a reflection of Kessler’s intense meetings with her writer friends as a part of her artistic practice. While they were discussing the pandemic and its effect, they go through a sudden tragic loss which inspires the name and theme of the exhibition. The pandemic, the post-pandemic, a tragic loss and revival of daily life… Thus, a narrative that revolves around and oscillates between existence and nonexistence emerges in “Esse et Non Esse”.  


Kessler, who considers pigment as the starting point, stands out with her intense use of color in “Esse et Non Esse '' moving away from her black and white works which we have encountered more frequently in the past years. She attributes this transition to the constant need of an artist to be in motion. To her, it is of particular significance that her latest colored works will be exhibited in Urla. She states that “while the city is grayer, Urla is green and colorful for me, closer to nature. While I was preparing this exhibition, the absence of Urla occupied an important place in me.”  


Gülfem Kessler, who first settled in Urla in 2006 and has continued her artistic practice in Barbaros Village as well as Istanbul since 2008, meets with art enthusiasts from Urla and Izmir at BE Contemporary after a long time. “Esse et Non Esse” opening event takes place with the participation of the artist on October 8, 2022 at 6pm at BE Contemporary.

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