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BE Contemporary Art Gallery is hosting contemporary artist Ugur Çaki’s solo exhibition titled “The Fusion”. The artworks that the artist has created in different mediums will be exhibited together for the first time in this exhibition. “The Fusion” is also his first solo exhibition in Urla, which is a special place for the artist as it’s the village where he was born and grew up. Ugur Çaki identifies Urla with peace and he can look back to his starting point from here.


“The Fusion” exhibition offers the opportunity to experience concurrently Ugur Çaki’s surrealist bronze sculptures, pop art paintings, installations and ready-made works that he has created in different periods. The exhibition aims to show the diversity of materials that the artist uses and his mastery in using these materials, and sheds light on Ugur Çaki’s all periods until today. 


“If there are many techniques of dreaming, there are also many techniques of making art.” says Ugur Çaki about his interdisciplinary approach. The artist establishes a connection between techniques of art and those of imagination. He selects materials and techniques required according to the characteristics of the story or dream he wants to tell or the concept he wants to reflect.


The inspiration behind the works of artist Ugur Çaki is the flux of time from Ancient Greece to the present. Some pieces from the exhibition have been colored with a surreal touch : wings have come off from a wheelchair, grenades have blossomed… The artist uses influences from the history of art and culture, thus he combines stories from daily life to those of ancient times in his artworks.

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