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BE Contemporary participates in the 2nd edition of SENKRON Synchronized Video Exhibitions with the screening of Genco Gülan's video works Dance Alarm and Single Ride. Genco Gülan, whose artworks have been exhibited at world class museums such as Centre Pompidou and the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art, selected to prominent collections; conducts his artistic practice as a form of conceptual contemporary art via a variety of mediums such as digital art, sculpture, painting and performance art and calls his practice “idea art”. The exhibition in the frame of second edition of SENKRON offers the opportunity to view two recent examples of Genco Gülan's video art; Dance Alarm and One-Pass Ticket at BE Contemporary between April 15-30, 2022.


Dance Alarm is a response from artists to our latest ringing in the ears in a rapidly developing mobile culture. The video sets out from the fact that we are exposed to mobile ringtones and digital melodies almost everywhere and all the time in our daily lives. In Dance Alarm, performance artist Damla Durman reacts to different ringtones of an iPhone with body movements. She dances for thirty seconds for each of the seventeen different ringtones. In addition, the Dance Alarm video has been designed to be experienced from mobile phones as well as a single-channel video display in the physical space of the gallery. By making itself available on smartphones, the video gives a pause to the relentless noise by the notifications and calls it criticizes, by utilizing the digitality of video art it places art there and contributes to the accessibility of art with the mobile accessibility provided by the device.


The Single Ride is a travel story to GODO. Two women, Lady Red and Lady Blue, who appear to have just come out of a ball, try to find their way through a abandoned city carrying an orange inflatable object with their hands. The calm piano sound accompanying the images and the rhythm in the movements give the dialogue-free video an effect of a black and white film. Between the frames, several hidden leads compete for the viewer’s perception. The dynamic finale of the video invites the audience to contemplate on what they have just watched for a longer while.


Parallel to the exhibition, BE Contemporary organizes a dinner at Hiç Restaurant in Urla on the first day of the exhibition, April 15, where participants can watch a selection of Genco Gülan’s video arts and converse with the artist enjoying an intimate atmosphere together. Art enthusiasts interested in the event are invited to contact the gallery.  

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