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Gul Ilgaz’s new solo exhibition “Visibility” taking place at BE Contemporary between 24 September – 26 October 2021 aims to question the concepts of visibility and dynamics of seeing and being seen from the point of views of the individual, nature, society and art.


Nowadays, “visibility” in both social media and traditional media has turned into a condition of existence of individuals. The 21st century individual adopts the motto I am seen, therefore I am* and spends special effort and time to be seen. Visibility can now replace essence or real qualities and the potential to be seen and watched can be transformed into capital.


The “Visibility” exhibition wants to draw attention to the fact that the narcissistic individual of the 21st century lives in an environment where societies can’t see neither the truth nor the future clearly. This is contradicting and opposing the passion for seeing and being seen. In the exhibition, Gul Ilgaz’s photographs refer to the impossibility of seeing the future by incorporating plastically visibility/invisibility, barely visibility and hazy appearances. She metaphorically presents and criticizes the effects of the outside world on the individual and the general feeling of society. Finally, the “Visibility” exhibition emphasizes invisibility, invites the viewer to look and see more carefully, and to reflect on the invisible in this century where images are consumed so quickly. 

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