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Pemra Aksoy, Gözde Baykara, Deniz Doğruyol, Ceylan Eşit,
Karolin Fişekçi, Ece Gauer, Gülfem Kessler, and Esin Öner

"Female Narrative" is a showcase of stories from a women's perspective in contemporary art. The artists Pemra Aksoy, Gozde Baykara, Deniz Dogruyol, Ceylan Esit, Karolin Fisekçi, Ece Gauer, Gulfem Kessler, and Esin Oner’s works are referring to the significance of the concept of narrative with regards to being a woman and the existence of women. 


The human mind is made of narratives. The mind, in which the id, ego, unconscious, and superego take place as different scriptwriters, not only explains a person about herself and the world surrounding her but also allows her to express herself. These narratives hold our identities together, build our relations and play an essential role while expressing thoughts and feelings.


The exhibition aims to present works that can be read as diverse female stories narrated by the artists, to highlight the perspective of female artists in contemporary art. A level of consciousness, in which women question their roles as “the other” and take on the position of the subject, enables writing narratives from their point of view, in which they are the main protagonist.


“Female Narrative” is inspired by, but is not limited to, the issues of the female body, our relationship with nature, social roles, and art history. From a broader perspective, it is a call for a quest to find the female narratives. It is an invitation for the women who narrate and rewrite the female.

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