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German artist Peter Piek meets with art enthusiasts in Izmir with a solo exhibition and installation accompanied with a music performance of his compositions at the opening within the frame of the artist’s “1 World 1 Painting” project at BE Contemporary. 


Multi-disciplined, multi-instrumentalist and multi-dimensional artist Peter Piek visits Urla as a part of his mobile and global 1 World 1 Painting project with his solo exhibition and installation at BE Contemporary between June 18 - July 12, 2022. The artist will also perform a selection of his original music at the opening June 18, 2022.


Piek brings out interconnectedness and dissolution of relatedness across dimensions and mediums in his artistic practice which he approaches as if all is a painting that “is dissolution of movement to liberty”. As a painter, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author and performance artist he invites his audience to experience an indirectness of whichever medium he uses. He believes that art is a creative process which ensues as a dialog with the medium itself, only when both are silent, he says, the piece is completed. 


Having participated in over a dozen exhibitions, concerts, and published several books, the artist who enjoys creating on the move, has set out a new mobile project 1 World 1 Painting since early 2022. For the project Piek travels with his campervan through Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Romania and Turkey while collaborating with local art galleries in each country. 1 World 1 Painting is an installation that expands in time and space never to be wholly experienced at once and one place but only through “time and movement”. Piek creates site specific installations that oscillate between music and painting. The wooden line-like sticks bring in the pictorial elements such as lines and colors while their composition creates the dimension the time and movement resides. 


Peter Pike’s exhibition to be held between June 18 - July 12, 2022, at BE Contemporary consists of a selection of the artist’s works and introduces Piek’s vibrant self-reflective abstract paintings that investigate composition, size, lines, rotation as means of novel expressions. In addition to the site specific installation within the frame of 1 World 1 Painting, the artist also presents a live music performance of his own compositions creating a holistic experience of his artistic practice.

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