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Suzan Batu, Oğuz Büyükberber, Uğur Çakı, Bennu Gerede
Genco Gülan, Gül Ilgaz, Neda İsmail Atar, Ansen Seale

As part of Istanbul Gallery Week, BE Contemporary is organizing a group exhibition titled  “Repurpose”, which focuses on the different uses of space in the historical building of Soho House Istanbul.


BE Contemporary will showcase its “Repurpose” exhibition to art enthusiasts at Soho House Istanbul on 11-20 November 2021 as part of Istanbul Gallery Week. The “Repurpose” exhibition will display a selection of artworks from roster of artists the gallery represents; Neda İsmail Atar, Suzan Batu, Oğuz Büyükberber, Uğur Çakı, Bennu Gerede, Genco Gülan, Gül Ilgaz and Ansen Seale. This exhibition will give art enthusiasts the opportunity to meet and discover the BE Contemporay art gallery from Urla with its reputable artist roster in collaboration with Dergi Urla.


The concept of “Repurpose” for this exhibition stems from the idea of transforming a particular space to fit or use for another purpose, and bring contemporary art to a place of historical significance with many different layers. While taking into consideration the historical presence and significance of the location, the artists carefully chose their work of display with an inspiration of the power of art to change, allowing the exhibition space to open up, reflect, and transform.


Soho House Istanbul is located in the famous district of Pera and was known as Palazzo Corpi. It was designed by Italian architect Giacomo Leoni in 1873 to be used as the residence of the Genoese ship trader Ignazio Corpi and his family. After Ignazio Corpi's death shortly after the construction of the building, it was used as the American Embassy and then the American Consulate between 1906-2003. Since 2015, Soho House Istanbul offers a special space for social life and creativity in one space. While playing with the confines of space, the “Repurpose” exhibition invites art viewers to read the emotional and intellectual connotations brought forth by the eight contemporary artists. These artists and their work intend to create a dialogue and cultural exchange in the many layered presence of a historical site.

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