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Neda İsmail Atar

Backface of Money, a new exhibition by Neda İsmal Atar who deals with the problems created by today’s consumer and industrial society and its devastating impact on humane feelings in his artistic practice, opens in BE Contemporary on May 12, 2022. The exhibition can be visited till July 5, 2022.

Neda Ismail Atar conducts his artistic creations as series focusing on certain themes at different times. Even though a variety of materials and technical solutions stand out at first glimpse in these series, they all share a common focus on the consumer and industrial society. Among the subjects, the artist works on are the pathological desire for possessions, fetishizing consumption objects and technology’s fragile promise of perfection (Anti-Tuning Series); the transition of art objects from cultural value to stock market value (Cardboard Buildings Series); reflections of today’s technological improvements on sculpture (Industrial Forms Series); and the individual’s perpetual conundrum at the face of objects (Bio-object Series).

In his exhibition Backface of Money, Neda Ismail Atar reinterprets the back face of banknotes to voice deeper rhetoric. The visual elements such as prominent people, architectural structures, or different symbols specific to a country used for design purposes on the back face of ordinary banknotes, as well as the perception and propaganda they relate to, have been intentionally paralyzed by the artist. The scenes caused either directly or indirectly by a world of money and competition are reflected on these banknotes which belong to no country. This tool that has been a constant for centuries has invoked erosions and selfishness in human nature that deprived him of his feelings of compassion. In today's world where humanity seeks to gain more and more every day, the series titled “The Backface of Money" criticizes the formation of human life as money-oriented in every aspect by projecting scenes that are contrary to ordinary common knowledge on the back of banknotes.

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