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Ayşegül Karakaş was born in Izmir in 1989 and graduated from Department of Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University. In her ascendant career Karakaş has already participated in many group exhibitions. She describes the nature element that appears in her works with a different perspective and explains:

“In my paintings I reverse nature’s attractive character, and I reinterpret it by combining daily life’s gloominess with fantasized reality. Instead of the classic feeling of joy associated with nature, I create an environment based on tension. I try to add a different layer to the familiar reality of it. And I approach the figure within this perception of nature that remains outside the realm of ordinary life. My compositions generally have this feeling of suspense. The anonymous figures in my paintings run towards a timeless atmosphere. This way, time somehow remains suspended. As if the figure is in some kind of a purgatory, stuck in between a beginning and an aftermath.”

Selected Exhibitions

2022 En Sevdiğim Yere Giden Yol, Küratör: Gencer Uçar, BonVivant İzmir

2021 Art50 Hotlist, ile, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı

2019 All in one 01, ile, Galeri Bu Pavillion – İstanbul

2017 Yarın, Plato Sanat & Gaia Galeri – İstanbul

2017 8. Uluslararası Sanat Çalıştayı Sergisi, Tepebaşı Belediyesi – Eskişehir

2017 Yansımalar, ile, İKÜSAG – İstanbul

2016 Voyage, ile, Avantgarde Collection Yalıkavak

2015 Contemporary Istanbul, ile

2015 Beni Asla Bırakma, sanatçı rezidansı sergisi, The Art Department by Casa dell’Arte

2015 Havada Asılı, ile, Vogue Istanbul

2014 Yakın Bakış, ile, Casa dell’Arte Bodrum

2014 Anlatılmayan Hikayeler, & TEB Etiler Özel Bankacılık işbirliği ile

2014 Akbank Günümüz Sanatçıları Ödülü, Akbank Sanat – İstanbul

2013 Mamut Art Project – İstanbul

2012 Ne Harika Bir Dünya!, Plato Sanat – İstanbul

2012 Genç Yeni Farklı, Cda Projects – İstanbul

2012 Deneyimin Ötesi, Pera Müzesi – İstanbul





Ceyda Güler was born in 1979 in Kayseri. After completing her undergraduate studies in Painting in Fine Arts department of Erciyes University as head of the faculty, she received her masters and PhD degree in the same field from Marmara University. Güler currently teaches at Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Department as associate professor.

In the paintings of Ceyda Güler the interlocking shapes feature in an equilibrium. The systematic abstract geometric arrangements of the plans and grains generate a particular structure. Here, the colorful peinture and the form on the canvas settle up with the digital structure on the transparent surface and thus makes a new and distinct space. Güler is inspired by music and everyday life.

“The space in my compositions, is getting beyond the representations of objects and becomes new forms putting itseld into the perceptions of the viewers. The blurred images are not the description of the outer reality, anymore. The images becoming abstract, interacte with the canvas’ surface and gain new identities.”

Selected Exhibitions

2022 Passport 2, DOART Gallery – Istanbul

2022 Devoted, 2022 Passport 2, DOART Gallery – Istanbul

2021 All In One’02, Gallery Bu & Art50net – Istanbul

2021 İstiklal Marşının 100. yılında 100 Sanatçı Exlibris Sergisi, Cennet Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi – İstanbul

2021 Kağıt Üzerine, Valör Sanat Galerisi – Ankara

2020 ARTAnkara 6.Çağdaş Sanat Fuarı, Fırça Sanat Galerisi Standı, ATO Congresium – Ankara

2020 Gelenekten Geleceğe, Fırça Sanat Galerisi – Ankara

2020 International Artvital Interdisciplinary Mixed Exhibition

2020 Adnan Uzal 7.Resim, Heykel, Fotoğraf ve Karikatür Sergisi, Erkan Yücel Kültür Merkezi – İstanbul

2020 8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü Sanatçı Kadın Akademisyenler Ulusal Karma Sergisi, Trakya Üniversitesi G.S.F. Fuaye Salonu

2020 Sınırlar Arasında 4.Uluslararası Akademisyenler Sergisi, Maltepe Üniversitesi G.S.F. Mehmet Özen Sanat Galerisi

2019 4’th İnternational EMI Entrepreneurship Social Sciences Congres, Nişantaşı Üniversitesi – İstanbul

2019 Algı ve Uzam II, Artsürem Galerisi – Ankara

2019 Art Suites Gallery 32.Uluslararası Sanat Çalıştayı – Art Suites Gallery

2019 IV/10, Balat Kültür Evi – İstanbul

2019 Ramiz Aydın’a Saygı Sergisi, SASAV Sanat Galerisi – İstanbul

2018 4.Uluslararası Exlibris Yarışması Mansiyon Ödülü, Selçuk Ecza Deposu – İstanbul

2018 XII. Bienal Internacional De la Acuarela, Alfredo Guati Rojo Museum – Mexico

2018 100/Hundred, Ovidius University – Constanta

2017 Nowadays/Bugünlerde, Pincello Art Gallery – Istanbul

2017 Akademix, UPSD Gallery – Istanbul

2017 2/10, Fulya Cultural Center – Istanbul

2016 Petites Choses, Galerie Art’et Miss, Paris – France

2016 Empathy, Akdeniz University – Antalya

2016 Synergie, Armoni Art Gallery – Ankara

2015 Aşkın Halleri, Gergedan Art Gallery – Istanbul

2015 Ölümün Nefesi, MKM Beşiktaş Çağdaş – Istanbul

2014 Gerçek-Reality, Art Studio 110 – Cyprus

2013 Exhibition of Turkish Visual Arts, Cafa Art Museum – China





Elif Çelebi is born in 1994 in Eskişehir. She graduated Printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Anadolu University. In 2019 Çelebi participated in Base Istanbul Exhibition and she won various awards in many art competitions such as Plato Art and Istanbul Rotary Art Competition.

In her works created with various techniques such as engraving, ink, and collage, she focuses on concepts of space-motion and human-society. While the concept of space that she frequently uses in her works sometimes represented from Çelebi’s imagination as a fictional space that does not exist, sometimes it is represented as an emotional place.

Selected Exhibitions

2022 Don’t Bite Me, Blue Rhino Art, Akaretler Sıraevler

2022 Everything’ In Its Right Place, Genç Sanat: 8. Art Competition and Exhibition – Ankara

2022 Gerçek Ötesi, Odunpazarı Contemporary Art Gallery – Eskişehir

2022 Trump Art Gallery – Istanbul

2021 All In One 02, with, Gallery Bu Galata – Istanbul

2021 Dames, Bluerhino Art Gallery

2021 Winter Show, Bluerhino Art Gallery

2020 Step İstanbul, with

2020 Istanbul Rotary Art Competition, Exhibiting Award

2019 A Place for Art, Base Istanbul, Pop-Up Exhibition

2019 Plato Art, 2 nd Rota Art Compeitition, Exhibiting Award

2019 II. International Printmaking Competition, Trakya University

2018 I. International Printmaking Competition, Exhibiting Award, Trakya University





Funda Alkan was born in 1985 in Izmir. She graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Buca Education Faculty – Art Teaching Dept. in 2007 and completed her master’s degree at Department of Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University in 2010.

Funda focuses on the beauty standards imposed by society on women and women body in her works where she uses techniques such as cutting, pasting, sewing and embroidery. Seeking an answer to the question of “freedom or conviction of the body?” the artist focuses on the pressures that marginalize women and position them as an independent identity, and the mental and physical violence that the female body is subjected to.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 MEDIUM MIX: for the collectors, Curator: Haydar Akdağ, ART-Z Gallery – Izmir

2023 Carpe Urbem, Bonvivant Izmir

2022 ART SUNDAY, Pg Art Galeri & TOG, Pg Pop Up – Istanbul

2022 New Generation 7, dön,üşü’m, Curator: Haydar Akdağ, Ekavart Gallery

2022 Stories, with, 39 Kalamış Marina Hotel – 39 Art Gallery

2022 Yaklaş_2030 Co – Art Co – Act project exhibition, Özyeğin University – Istanbul

2022 ARTWEEKS Akaretler, with MIXER Art Gallery – Istanbul

2021 ALL IN ONE’02, with, Gallery Bu – Istanbul

2021 The Cycle of Time, with, Swissotel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2016 Girls Girls Girls, Carbon Gallery – Istanbul

2015 Contemporary Istanbul with Kuad Gallery

2015 FINE TUNED AND MULTIPLE / Fine Tuned And Plural, Kuad Gallery – Istanbul

2015 Avangarde Collection Exhibition – Istanbul

2014 Contemporary Istanbul with Daire Gallery

2014 Modern & Contemporary Arab, Iranian & Turkish Art, Christies – Dubai

2014 Artist Book Exhibition Pg Art Gallery – Istanbul

2013 Contemporary Istanbul with Daire Gallery

2013 Cage / Cage, solo exhibition, Daire Gallery – Istanbul

2013 Southern Panama Biennale – Panama City

2013 Salt Abstract, Mixer – Istanbul

2012 Preview Berlin Art Fair – Germany

2012 Turquoise, Galerie Maurits Vad de Laar – Netherlands

2012 Turkish Contemporary Art, Art Space London – England

2012 Daire #1, Daire Gallery – Istanbul

2012 Sotheby’s “Contemporary Art / Turkish” – London

2012 Coca Cola Gallery Red Collection Exhibition – Istanbul

2012 Figure Out / Contemporary Turkish Art, Art Sawa – Dubai





Born in 1969, in İstanbul, Genco Gulan is a multiple media contemporary conceptual artist, who defines his practices in painting, sculpture, performance and new media as idea art. Gulan got prizes from BP 1993, New School 2000, EMAF 2005, Sovereign European Art Prize 2011 and Ege Art in 2015. His works are presented in museums such as; Centre Pompidou Paris, Pera, ZKM, MAM Rio de Janeiro and La Triennale di Milano. He participated to festivals such as; Steirishes Herbst, Ars Electronica, Mediaterra, prog-me, Balkan Art Novi Sad, Roaming Tahran and Bonn Biennales. His performances are presented at Istanbul Theatre, PAP Tel Aviv, Wunderbar New Castle, Fringe New York, Moving Silence Athens and Accente Festival Duisbug. He is in collections such as at the New Museum, Istanbul Modern, Elgiz, Baksı, Museum Oswald, Davis Museum, and State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki. His works listed in required reading lists at; City University, Rice University and U.C. Santa Barbara. Gulan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts, Köln, Bilgi, NYIT and Incheon University. Genco Gulan was in the Advisory Board of Balkan Biennial Cosmopolis and in the International Programming Committee of ISEA Singapore. He is the founder of the Web Biennial.


Selected Exhibitions

2022 Kommagene Biennial, Curator: Nihat Özdal – Adıyaman

2022 Akışın Tanığı, Curators: Derya Yücel, Ebru Yetişkin & Marcus Graf, Cendere Art Museum

2022 Maybe Later, Curator: Marcus Graf, Sığınak – Ankara

2021 Art50 Hotlist, ile, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı

2021 Beautiful Things, solo exhibition, BE Contemporary Art Gallery – Izmir

2021 Repurpose, BE Contemporary Art Gallery, Soho House Istanbul

2019 Myths and Dreams, with, Kıraathane Istanbul

2018 Geleceğe Çağrı, solo exhibition, BMKM – Istanbul

2018 Uçan Resimler, solo exhibition, Antonina Art Gallery – Istanbul

2018 Picasso’dan Sonra, solo exhibition, İzmir Resim Heykel Müzesi Kültür Park Sanat Galerisi

2018 Epifani, group exhibition, Curator: Ali Şimşek, Gallery Mod – Istanbul

2017 Antik Gelecek, solo exhibition, Kadir Has University Art Gallery – Istanbul

2017 10 Büyük Günah, solo exhibition, Art Galerim Bebek – Istanbul

2017 Imago Mundi – Mediterranean Routes, Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo – Italy

2016 Antik Plastik, solo exhibition, ENKA, Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery – Istanbul

2016 Suncheon Enviormental Art Festival, Suncheon – South Korea

2015 Okul, solo exhibition, Doğan Koleji – Istanbul

2015 Newist, Open Space Istanbul

2014 Stars: Sguardi sonori. Museo Pietro Canonica, Rome – Italy

2013 Self Portrait?, solo exhibition, Lucca, Bebek – Istanbul




Born in 1988, Görkem Dikel completed her undergraduate and MFA at Mimar Sinan FAU, Painting Department. In year 2010 she studied at Universidad de Sevilla – Bellas Artes. Dikel was awarded in 2010 artist fellowship by Fundación Antonio Gala founded by the Spanish writer Antonio Gala. She attended, among other young artists from three countries, Plein-Air Workshop in Andalusia in 2013 which was organized by Fundación Tres Culturas. She received pedagogical formation from Educational Sciences of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2015. She continues to doctorate program in Painting Major in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

Her works are part of international collections in the USA, Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, China and Turkey such as Emaar Square, Mastercard, Capital One Bank, Horoz Logistics, Ant Yapı, Halk Bank, Sancak Group, Anna Laudel, Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and in private collections.

Whilst forming her artistic practices around the transformation and motion of the matter in space and its interaction made with hypothetical void, she brings some extraordinary dimensions and oscillations through juxtapositions and superpositons. What is solid evaporates, liquid freezes, air solidifies, what is behind appears in the front and the atoms the reality is made of are torn apart. The unfathomable phenomenons of the universe cause a sense of alienation by intruding the life of the individual.

While taking inspiration from science-fiction, iconology, mythic and personal narratives, she utilizes the paint as it can easily represent other textures and also itself as paint, in order to create collage – like paintings.

In these colorist portraits in the Luminous Portraits series, the forms are moulded not by tone contrast but by color contrast. While referring sunlight on human skin images in the art history she also focuses the spiritual interraction between the light and the entities.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Antihero: The Artist’s Journey, solo exhibition, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul

2023 Aşik Veysel, Curator: Erkan Doğanay, Nevmekan, Üsküdar Municipality

2022 Anaphylaxia, Julio Artist Run Space – Paris

2022 Sketch, Whar Remained in the Atelier, Kadikoy Municipality Youth Art Center

2022 Artistry, Galata Port – Istanbul

2022 Breath IV, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul

2022 The Awakening, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2022 Artweeks Akaretler, Merkür Gallery

2021 Artweeks Akaretler, Merkür Gallery

2021 Music to My Eyes, Merkür Gallery & Pi Artworks – Bodrum

2021 Breath, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul

2020 Step Istanbul, with Art50net, Taksim 360

2020 Elementler, Curator: GLOBART, Akfen Bodrum Loft – Bodrum

2020 Sen Diye Bir Şey Kalmasın, Curator: Arthole Berlin, Avlu Bebek – Istanbul

2019 Heritage, JLF Gallery, Espace Marais-Marais – Paris

2019 Artists from Turkey Permanent Collection Exhibition, Cyprus Musem of Modern Art – Nycosia

2019 Summer Time, Nevmekan, Üsküdar Municipality – Istanbul

2019 Cosmic Geometry, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2019 Hilal-i Ahmer Collection Exhibition

2018 Tasarım Tomtom Sokakta, with Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy

2018 95th Anniversary Collection, Portakal Çiçeği Art Colonie, Beşiktaş Contemporary Art Gallery

2018 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Art50net, Casa Dell’Arte Bodrum

2018 Coordinate Plane, Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, Merkür Gallery – Istanbul

2017 Art Sevilla, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura – Spain

2017 La Noche en Blanco, Arquemi Estudio y Galeria de Arquitectura – Spain

2017 Parallax AF, London – UK

2017 Nilüfer Workshop Exhibition, Nazım Hikmet Kültür Evi – Bursa

2016 Tutti Frutti, Teşvikiye Art Gallery – Istanbul

2016 Very Hot Indeed, Teşvikiye Art Gallery – Istanbul

2015 Collective Show: Witnesses, Rem Art Space – İstanbul

2015 Contemporary Istanbul, Berlin Istanbul Quartier – Istanbul

2015 Open Space, Mixer Karaköy – Istanbul

2014 Poetic Geometry (with Emre Doğrusöz), Anna Laudel Contemporary – Istanbul





Lütfiye Kösten is born in Izmir in 1978. Kösten continued her education at Yıldız Technical University at the Photography Department after graduating from Dokuz Eylül University, Painting Department in 1997. She completed her master’s degree at Nantes Fine Arts University in 2016. Kösten lives and continuously works in her studio in France.

In Lütfiye Kösten’s paintings, the depictions of portraits draw the main attention and are associated with the concepts of time, space, and identity. In her timeless and spaceless paintings, her distinctive graphical attitude of using colors and lines that create a sense of a collage strengthens the effect of timelessness in her paintings. The ‘eyes’ depicted in a realistic style, are the areas in which the deepest meanings are located. Gender roles given by the society, revolt, and rebellion are reflected through the eyes, and it is almost impossible to escape from the gaze.




Mihriban Mirap is born in 1981 in Istanbul. She graduated from Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Plastic Arts Department in 2005, and completed her MA degree in 2020 at the same university. She is trained in the renowned Turkish artists’ studios as; Professor Özdemir Altan, Prof. Zahit Büyükkişleyen and Prof. Turan Aksoy and Prof. Gülveli Kaya. Mirap participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She continues her painting activities in her studio in Istanbul and also works as an art instructor at Bilgi University Vocational School and in various institutions.

In her paintings, Mihriban Mirap focuses on consumer culture and depicts the city life and people who live in cities within the chaos by considering the perception of ‘fast and modern life’. The metropolitan life, which constitutes the main axis of her artworks, is constructed by the rapid changes and by the continuous tensions that city life brings. In her recent artworks, she depicts portraits of old women and objects that they had to use in time to make their lives easier. By putting her paintings in old and used frames, she is raising an awareness that becoming an elder is beautiful without any external intervention and questions the understanding of “eternal beauty” that mass culture offers to people today.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Gün Dönümü, 8 Artı 1 Gallery – Istanbul

2022 Stories, with, 39 Kalamış Marina Hotel – 39 Art Gallery

2022 Rapunzel, Fulart Sanat Evi – Istanbul

2022 Mantığın Tatlı Uykusu, solo exhibition, Artgalerim Karaköy

2020 Summer-l, Gallery 11.17 – Istanbul

2021 Art50 Hotlist, with, ArtZ Gallery Alaçatı

2020 Step Istanbul, with

2020 Artist to Artist, Büyükdere35 Art Gallery – Istanbul

2019 Circulation, Curator: Seda Yavuz, Caddebostan Culture Center – Istanbul

2019 All in One’1, Gallery Bu – Istanbul

2019 First Steps to Freedom, Yeditepe University – Istanbul

2019 ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair, Platform A Art Gallery – Istanbul

2019 Let the Expectations Break the Rules, Kargart – Istanbul

2018 New Space, Gallery Soyut – Ankara

2018 artshop, Anna Laudel Contemporary Art Gallery – Istanbul

2018 Medgidiya 15. Lucian Grigorescu International Art Workshop Exhibition – Romania

2017 Timeless Phenomenon, solo exhibition, Artgalerim Bebek – Istanbul

2017 Timeless Phenomenon, solo exhibition, Platform Armoni A Art Gallery – Ankara

2017 Artists’ Diaries, As a part of 7. Triennial Kadıköy Municipality Youth Art – Istanbul





Born in 1984 in Istanbul, Müge Ceyhan graduated with honors from Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Plastic Arts in 2007 (B.F.A.) and 2010 (M.F.A.). The artist whose abstract compositions with an authentic approach to the notion of space are deeply inspired by literature, describes her own practice in the following words:

‘’In my works, the cities, neighborhoods, streets, nights and days I compose out of units of emptiness and fullness represent worlds that partly emerge from a synesthetic instinct. I can say that my color contrasts occasionally symbolize emotional roller coasters, while other elements frequently apparent in my works symbolize places in our subconscious.”

Selected Exhibition

2022 Synesthesia, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2022 In The Gallery, Curator: Hakan Kürklü, Alaçatı Art-Z Gallery

2022 Galeri Bu 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Bu – Istanbul

2021 All in one 02, with, Galeri Bu – Istanbul

2021 Dystopier City, Centre Culturel Anatolia – Paris

2021 Art50 HOTLIST, with, Alaçatı Art-Z Gallery

2020 Step Istanbul, with – İstanbul

2020 The Goddess in Me, with, Curator: İpek Yeğinsü, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2019 Signs of Nature, with Gaia Art Project, Gallery Soyut – Ankara

2019 Synesthetic Moments, solo exhibition, Art Nou Mil Lenni Gallery – Spain

2019 Soul Map, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2018 My Hiding Space, Gallery Bu Galata – Istanbul

2017 Where is Sancho?, Gallery Bu Galata – Istanbul

2016 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Ark – Istanbul

2015 My Galata’s İstanbul, solo exhibition, Çubuklu 29 – Istanbul & Vienna

2015 Sanat Moda Oldu, Summart Art Center – Istanbul

2014 Young Impact 9, KAV Genç Sanat – Ankara

2013 Space, solo exhibition, Gallery Artist Çukurcuma – Istanbul

2011 Siyah Aydınlık, solo exhibition, Gallery Espas – Istanbul

2011 Modern&Contemporary Turkish Art, Bonhams Gallery – London

2010 New Approaches, CKM – Istanbul

2009 That Moment, solo exhibition, Ziraat Bank Tünel Art Gallery – Istanbul




Born in 1993 in Düzce, Samet Öztürk graduated from Bolu Fine Arts High School and Abant İzzet Baysal University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. The artist participated to several exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad, and his works are about the individual “with no interest in life, unfitting everywhere, judged for his gender, building his own prison while trying to meet the societal norms”. His figures with faces hiding behind the darkness of despair and looking at the society from a distance are deeply sad for they are unable to express themselves. Öztürk departs from the question “shall we wear masks so that our bodies are not frightening anymore”, and his characters with both real life and fictional origins carry the silent screams of those individuals marginalized by the majority.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 MEDIUM MIX: for the collectors, Curator: Haydar Akdağ, ART-Z Gallery – Izmir

2023 Art Contact Istanbul, with Eskiiz Art Gallery

2023 Art is Here, Eskiiz Art Gallery – Izmir

2023 Journeys and Memories, Curator: Kenan Bahadır Derre, Trump Art Gallery – Istanbul

2023 Aşik Veysel, Curator: Erkan Doğanay, Üsküdar Municipality

2022 Extravagant Remediation, Frank Art Studio – Istanbul

2022 Tabu, Çankaya Municipality Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center – Ankara

2022 Untitled 2.0, Frank Art Studio – Istanbul

2022 Bodrum Art Fair, Herodot Cultural Center – Muğla

2022 Pembeye Çağrışım, solo exhibition, Eskiiz Art Gallery – Izmir

2021 Anadolu’dan İstanbul’a, Tarık Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center – Istanbul

2021 A1-108 Selection, Gallery Bu – İstanbul

2020 Summer – l, Gallery 11.17 – Istanbul

2020 Step Istanbul, with Gallery Bu

2019 World Art Day Exhibition, Mimas Art Center and Studio – Izmir

2019 World Art Day Exhibition, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center – Izmir

2018 Karma-şık-2, Sanat Yorum Gallery – Istanbul

2018 New Space, Gallery Soyut – Ankara

2018 Young Turkey New Ashgate Gallery – UK

2018 Squarecode, Arda Art Gallery – Ankara

2018 New Generation Painters, ARTANKARA 4th Contemporary Art Fair – Ankara

2018 30A., Artsürem Art and Science Gallery – Ankara

2017 3rd International Mail Art Exhibition – UK

2017 Synchrony, Artsürem Art Gallery – Ankara

2017 Energy, Çankaya Art Gallery – Ankara

2017 Imprisoned Bodies, solo exhibition, Kadir Ogün Danış Exhibition Hall – Düzce




Born in 1983 in Syria, Khayyam Zidane is a graduate of the University of Damascus Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting (2005). He received his Master’s degree from the same department In 2007, and was appointed lecturer in 2009. From 2008 to 2011, he participated to various solo and group exhibitions in Syria. Since 2016, he lives and works in Istanbul.

Khayyam presents his non-figurative works as autonomous patterns resembling remains of forms in a physical space different from what they originally represent. His oeuvre symbolizes the time and distance resisting the entropic chaos in our lives that keeps growing both physically and psychologically.

“To me, the work of art is right in an intuitive and irrational way, even prior to its interpretation. It saves us from the slavery of the fourth dimension of time, thus allowing us to move between the past and the present”.

We may argue that Khayyam’s paintings address and concretize three main concepts: The “organic” represented as the living, “inorganic” as matter entering reactions around the universe, and “perceptivity” arising from human awareness and intellectual knowledge and appearing in a new form.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Art Ankara, with DOART Gallery - Ankara

2022 Synesthesia, with, Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul

2022 ArtContact Istanbul Art Fair, with DoArt Gallery - Istanbul

2022 Sonsuz Enerji, Mitokondriyal Havva, Atatürk Culture Center Gallery, Taksim Square - Istanbul

2019 Palais des Nations, Geneva - Switzerland

2019 Two Cultures Four Colors, Plato Art Gallery - Istanbul

2019 Etki, Independent Art Foundation - Istanbul

2019 French Culture Center - Ankara

2018 Kelimat Canpark Gallery - Istanbul

2018 Painting, solo exhibition, Kelimat Art Gallery - Istanbul

2017 Yakın Bir Yer, Plato Sanat - Istanbul

2017 Kavşak 2, Kelimat Art Gallery - Istanbul

2017 Contemporary Istanbul, with Plato Sanat - Istanbul

2017 Grand Cevahir Hotel Symposioum Al-Quds - Istanbul

2016 Contemporary Istanbul, with Kelimat Art Gallery - Istanbul

2011 Shajhaf, Damascus Kamel Gallery - Damascus

2010 Solo Exhibition, Goethe Institute - Damascus




Born in Istanbul in 1996, İrem Yılmaz graduated from Yeditepe University’s Graphic Design Department in 2021 whilst getting a double major at the Plastic Arts and Painting Department of the same university.

“Art for me is the most powerful communication tool. Observing the emotional states of people and expressing them with my art can be said to be my source of inspiration. A human is a being who constantly feels. Throughout life, a human shows different reactions and emotions in the face of events. However, in the chaos of daily life, we sometimes encounter times when we cannot understand and reflect on our emotions. In my work, I try to reflect that emotions are a part of our lives and that we should normalize our emotions as much as possible. It is possible to see subjects such as humans’ way to see life, questions throughout life, the state of being in a constant search, and the passion for freedom in my works. The fabric detail, which is frequently seen in my last works, sometimes serves as a cover for the body and sometimes reveals the mystery of the emotion or turn into the direct emotion itself.”

Selected Exhibitions

2022 ART SUNDAY, Pg Art Galeri & TOG, Pg Pop Up – Istanbul

2022 Sketch, Whar Remained in the Atelier, Kadikoy Municipality Youth Art Center

2022 Base İstanbul

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