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The unrelenting proliferation of glass and concrete, to name some aspects of modern life, as part of the continuing war against nature in our surroundings and also the continuing rule of the patriarchy has led her to approach my work in a very organic manner and become very women centered. She is inspired by beading, knitting, embroidery, fabrics, most things considered to be “women’s work” or women’s interest”. She makes acrylic on canvas paintings which are organically composed and made in a very meditative way. They actually have a feel of embroidery, beading or knitting. She also does “marbling” on paper which she then “embroiders” with acrylic paint and hangs around the space with laundry pins like laundry. Or she hangs them  in a circle to create a small temple for the Goddess. “Marbling” in Turkey, where she currently lives and works, is considered a traditional technique usually done by women which is why she has adopted the process, except that she does it in a very unconventional manner and she feels the result is original. Thirdly, she creates, with the help of a very talented seamstress, Goddess outfits  using inexpensive but iconic fabrics which are traditional and very widely used by regular people here in Turkey. Finally, she creates costumes for performances with Goddess centered themes which she choreographs and stages at the openings and closings of her shows.

She has lived and worked in NY for most of her professional life and also currently has regular shows there. Right now she lives, works and shows in Istanbul, Turkey.

She has a BA in English-German translation from the University of Graz, Graz Austria, BA California College of the Arts, Oakland, California, MFA Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY and she also speaks Russian. Her work is currently on display at Brooklyn College, Office of the Provost.

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