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The sculpture named Gift (“Hediye”) is primarily intending to make the audience think about the different meanings of the word. The artwork in this regard tries to make a connection with talent, mind and sense and wants to mention body and spirit relation in philosophy. However, it does not make a concrete inference while doing these but invites the audience for free association.       


The figure may be visually and indirectly associated to the sculpture “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” (1545). Reference to Benvenuto Cellini remains much more in the background compared to many of Genco Gülan sculptures. With its white color and the portrait of Nemesis, it reminds ancient time sculpture. However, the Gift (“Hediye”), without a pedestal, with its nearly realistic dimensions, robust standing, position and holding its head in its hands, creates a contemporary atmosphere and is distinctive from all others.     

Exhibition Producer: Bahar Eriş Soyoğuz

Model: Buse Çetin

Project Team: Yasin Uysallar, Sevda Kocatepe, Ayşe Önel, İzzet Özsoy.

Contribution: Damla Durman, Kerim Soyoğuz, USCA ve Antiksan.

Genco Gülan, Gift (Hediye), 2020

Marble, Polymer and Metal

 180 x 64 x 24 cm

25.000 USD + VAT

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