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The Artist Residency Program Urla

by Be-Contemporary Art Management & Pintura Hotel & Gallery:

be-contemporary invites you to apply for “The Other” Residency Program which will take place in March 2020 in Urla, Izmir, Turkiye, in the inspiring calm atmosphere of the Aegean region.


Brief description of organization & the residency program:

be-contemporary is an independent art agency which organizes exhibitions, residency programs & art tours with the focus in contemporary art. In corporation with Pintura Gallery & Hotel we are organizing a short-term artist residency program to examine the concept of “The Other”, making observations on the different approaches to look at the “the other” people. The program creates a cultural exchange environment facilitating interactions with the local community and organizing culture tours. The artist in residence will have the opportunity to see and perceive both the ancient and contemporary elements in the region.


Pintura Hotel & Gallery is on the Art Street which you can walk through antique shops, ceramic workshops, boutique restaurants, cafes and bakeries in which you can taste many delicious meals…


The artist residency program provides an opportunity to work with local artists & meet with collectors in the region while staying in the special boutique hotel Pintura Hotel & Gallery, and working in its 120m2 gallery.



About Urla:

Urla is a coastal town that hosts the nature and history with 12 islands and is which 35 km far from İzmir City. Urla’s history dates back to BC 3000. As a result of the invasion of Dor and Aka immigrants in this region, the city founded by the Ions come under the domination of Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans respectively. Klazomenai, one of the twelve Ion cities, was founded in the area right in front of Today’s Pier Urla. Later on, in order to defend from the Persian assault, it’s moved to the island in front of the pier. The city, of which foundation is dating back to centuries before the Hellenistic Civilization as evidenced by archaeological findings, was called Klazomenai in the coast and Vourla in the interior parts during the ancient times.



  • Pintura Hotel & Gallery


Time & Duration of the residency:

  • March 2020

  • 1 Week



  • City Center of the Coastal Town Urla

  • Distance from the sea: 25 minutes by bus number: 984

  • Distance from the airport: 35 minutes by car

  • Google Maps link:



  • Pintura Hotel & Gallery Space

  • Working space within the 120 m2 art gallery

  • Easel & some painting material can be provided


Expenses paid by artists:

  • Flight tickets & personal local transportation

  • Food & Beverage except the breakfast

  • Supplies


Facilities for the artist:

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Airport transfer

  • Breakfast

  • Studio space / Common space that will be used together with 3 Turkish artists)

  • Easel

  • Exhibition

  • Winery Tour

  • Archaeological Site Tour to one of the Ancient Greek Cities: Klozamenai, Ephesus, Teos, Agora or Symrna)


Expectations from the artist:

  • 5 of the his/her art work related with the subject

  • Production of 1 artwork related with the subject during the residency

  • Exhibition on the last day (it can be together with the local artists that would work together in the same space on the same subject)

  • A speech on the exhibition day & brief presentation about his/her-self, his/her country, art market in his/her country

  • To show an artistic technic that he/she uses & expertise to the local artists

  • Allow collector visits in a time interval agreed on both sides

  • Share his/her experience on social made

  • Allow the social media posts & press releases about the his/her works


Working language:

  • English


Disciplines and media:

  • Visual Arts

  • New Media

  • Sculpture

  • Performing Arts


Eligibility and Criteria:

  • Applicants must have a good command of the English language (no formal language qualifications required).

  • This program will be good for artists with socially active & curious personality with interest for interacting with different cultures.


How to apply:

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